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Best Resort in Manali

Best Resort in Manali for The Best Deal Price

Why only Manali why not another tourist destination in the first place?

Manali is a perfect place for everyone, a destination if you are into trekking, an ideal hill station if you are a bold heart that has love for adventure sports, and if you love rafting through rough yet cooperating waters River Beas welcomes you every season. With activities buzzing around the well-connected small hill station Manali, a town in cool state of Himachal Pradesh is regarded as the Switzerland of India.

Manali’s location also makes it all the more popular; it is close to another popular tourist destination Kullu valley and takes you to Leh-Ladakh which is the most sought after destination to tourists from all over. The town is along the banks of River Beas and diction cannot describe the beauty of the Manali. Snow laden mountain peaks the serpentine turns of River Beas with clear water, pine and cedars lining up roads as if saluting to the beauty of the town, fruit bearing apple orchards make one wonder if heaven descended down to console the stress heads on the Earth. The best time to be at Manali is the months of February through April and then October to early December.

Why does Manali find favor with honeymooners?

Manali not only makes an ideal holiday spot for just-like-that holiday lovers, it in fact is perfect destination for the honeymoon escapers. Several sight seeing attractions shoppers’ delight market, yet nothing beats like sleeping in nature’s lap and getting lost in the company of true lover and that is what honeymooner escapers are up to at Manali. There can’t be one season that is said as ideal for the honeymooning couples, for just anytime would be perfect to getting lost in love and lover’s company. Every couple would love to revisit Manali in their lifetime.

However, Manali is worth visiting for most part of the year; and during season of February through April one can expect to part take in several of the winter attractions here including skiing, tobogganing, jungle hiking and safari and trekking. There is also paragliding and bungee jumping attraction for little cost.

Hikes to Lahaul, Spiti, Zanskar, etc., are quite popular with the enthusiasts making their spirits soak in joy. Kullu valley is adjacent to the Manali hill station and a trip to Kullu will make the entire visit fulfilling and complete. For the spiritual souls a visit to the Hadimba and the Vashisth temples and trip to the many monasteries make them feel blessed.

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