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How To Get IAS Officers Job?

How To Get IAS Officers Job?

IAS Officer is one of the most respected and renowned officer who serves our country. It is the utmost civil service exam that one can clear and one of the most supreme government duties that one can do. It is a highly paid job too about which many students in India dream of.

So, if you are an aspiring candidate of this gruesome test, then you should know all the tactics and the basics of the entrance test. You should know about the syllabus and the planning that this test requires so that you can pass the test with ease. To help you with this here is everything that you should know about the entrance test for IAS.

About the test

A person can become an IAS officer by clearing a Civil Services Examination which is conducted by Union Public Service Commission that also goes by the name, UPSC. The test consists of many rounds, and below is the briefing of all the rounds.

  • Round 1: It consists of the UPSC Prelims, which itself consists of two tests. It consists of General Studies 1 and the General Studies I (CSAT)

  • Round 2: This round consists of UPSC Mains which consists of 9 descriptive papers.

  • Round 3: This stage is based on interviews, and you will be tested for your knowledge.

So to clear the IAS, you need to make a plan and study the syllabus thoroughly. You need to research the syllabus in detail, and this will help you in getting the idea of the subjects that really important to clear this test.

Round 2 of the IAS isn’t short as it consists of over 9 descriptive papers. The papers that we are talking about here are, One Indian Language, English, Essay, 4 General Studies Paper and two optional papers. You get extra marks if you can attempt the optional papers.

How to plan?

When you go through the syllabus of IAS, you will find that the syllabus that you would be required to cover would be very vast. So you have to study everything necessary that is required to clear this tough exam.

Civil services are one of the most challenging exams to clear in the world as you need a lot of focus and knowledge to get past it. One of the most important topics that will help in answering most of the questions asked in the exam is the knowledge to current affairs, so it is advised for you or anyone to read a newspaper every day.

You should also try to break the syllabus down and make a study plan according to the syllabus. This will ultimately ease your work and will help you to cover more syllabus in a limited amount of time. You can also take the help of many online study planner websites that are expert in this kind of work.

The online coaching centres or the physical ones can help you significantly if you are really serious about this exam. They may help you in clearing this exam with the help of their notes and with the help of their tactics.

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