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Storyboarding for a Business Production

Video Content 101: Storyboarding for a Business Production

Right now, video content is surging on social platforms and has proven to be an excellent way to showcase a business. But, if you have an idea for a video you’d like to take to production, you’ll need to draw up a storyboard first. Follow these simple steps to create a visual template that will translate seamlessly into motion.

What is a storyboard?

If you’ve never been involved in film production, you might think that the moving images we see on our screens every day occur by chance, but the truth is that most professionally made videos are carefully scripted and storyboarded. A storyboard is a sequence of images that drafts out how you expect the final video to appear and serves as a guide for your camera crew and director to follow. This typically takes the form of separate slides drawn by hand in pen/pencil.

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Why use storyboards?

Without a storyboard, it’s easy for a production to fall apart. The visual guide helps your camera crew to capture the correct angles and understand exactly what their producers/clients expect to be shown on film. It will also help you to break up the story of the feature sequentially, helping you to determine the correct running time and avoid any tangents (which are common and tempting without).

Before you start

If you’re drafting the storyboard yourself (or even if you’re commissioning someone to do this for you), it’s crucial that you outline exactly what you expect from this video production. That means determining objectives, key messages, the length of the video, and which promotional channels you intend for the feature to appear on. All of these variables will affect the way in which the film will appear and what hardware is used in production.

Creating your storyboard

When it comes to drafting a storyboard, you don’t need to be skilled in illustration. What you do need, however, is a visual eye and the ability to envisage exactly how you want the final product to appear. Many of us have an in-built eye for lens-based media due to the amount of video content we watch on a day-to-day basis. If this isn’t you, take some time to research the various camera angles, lighting techniques, and assemblage of mise en scène. Every creative decision you make throughout the process should serve a wider purpose.

Writing a script

To accompany your storyboard, you should also seek to provide a script or treatment. This will outline exactly what the production aims to achieve, its key messages, required length and then describe the story itself. You may take this a step further by writing dialogue or a scene-by-scene screenplay (check online guides on formatting before you proceed). Providing all of this information is often useful, especially as it pertains to your company’s OKRs, but you also want to leave some creative leeway. The best results come when the creatives on set are allowed some of their own wriggle room.

Additional tips

Thanks to the wide availability of video production software and online resources, it’s possible to really cut down on production costs or even build a feature from scratch without ever stepping foot in a studio. Stock footage is often available royalty-free, for example, and can be used as a replacement for live film. Simply sign up for a subscription and access high-quality HD videos for an affordable price.

As a business competing in the digital space, you probably already know that video content is king. That’s why it’s important not to cut any corners and ensure that your production is planned and storyboarded - if you can complete this part of the process to a high standard, you’ll have a final product you’re proud of.

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