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What are Benefits of LinkedIn Marketing?

What are Benefits of LinkedIn Marketing?

Can you believe that spending about 20 minutes on LinkedIn every day can help you gain good leads and customers? Well, almost everyone is on LinkedIn these days, but not every business owner or marketer is able to generate leads or referrals. 

Mentioned below is a blueprint for businesses to use LinkedIn and the benefits it provides.

Create a 30 second commercial about your business

You can start by preparing a digital version of a short business commercial and can include the text in the LinkedIn profile. You need to remember that LinkedIn is quite different from the other social media platforms; it is a never-ending and a huge virtual network. 

By creating an appealing and informative commercial, you can turn a prospect into a customer in no time.

Time to add connections

There are many individuals out there on LinkedIn who do not add any connections to their network. Connections play an important role in the growth of your business and all you need to do is to spend a few minutes of your time for clicking for “Connect Button” that appear on the LinkedIn’s “People You May Know" list. 

Doing this will not only broaden your network but also provides your brand or the service the much-needed visibility. You need to remember that every person you meet during a business meet or a normal day at work is one potential connection on LinkedIn. 

Remember to play fair

You need to play fair and you only have to “connect” to those people you know. LinkedIn is one platform that has measures in place that can backfire on those who pretend to know people whom they really don’t. If you want to connect with someone you do not know in person, you can always ask for an introduction.

By doing so, you not only improve your connections, but also gain trust.

Start with creating and then building the lead list

You can just spend about 5 minutes every day for investigating your contact’s connections. By doing so, you will get to see good connections that can be converted into leads. You can make a note of those and check if you would need introductions for any. Anyone can make a start with the option called "Recommendations". 

Recommendations will not only help you gain visibility but will improve your chances of getting a new prospect.

Always follow the current prospects and clients

You can spend about 2 minutes of your work time to look up your present clients or prospects. Check their company page if they have. If they have one, you can follow it and monitor it regularly. 

Doing this help you gain new clients and retain the old ones.

Posting an update on LinkedIn takes approximately 60 – 90 seconds of your time. You can just post an update with a link to a post you have read or some video that is related to your business or customers. You can as well use the feature called “Pulse” which is found on the dashboard. You need to remember that the key to success on a platform like LinkedIn is to invest just a little time on it every day and doing it regularly. 

So, invest 20 minutes of your time every day for the next 30 days and you will for sure start generating good prospects and leads from LinkedIn.

Source : Advantage and Benefits of LinkedIn Marketing for Business

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