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Looking for Small Investment? Become Our Partners

RS SEO Solution is one of the best and well established SEO firm, providing complete digital marketing (SEO, SMO, PPC etc.), website designing and development services since 2004. Our all websites (Company Websites and Supporting Websites) with our services are live since 2008. You can google "RS SEO Solution" to know more about us and to check our services and other details.

RS Seo Solution (Now unit of Promote WWW) is offering small investment programs. We are saying small because we will not accept any big investment currently. Currently we are offering up to $50,000.00 (Fifty thousands) USD investment in our firm. Either you can invest once or can buy any one or more of our 10 segments of $5,000.00 USD.

For example, If you are investing once $50,000.00 USD then we will close our investment program. If you want to invest small part then we are offering 10 segments of $5000.00 mean we will accept only $50,000.00 in total.

How Will You Get Returns?

After investment in our firm, we will utilize money to explore our services (Paid activities), branches and staffs, We will not pay till 6 months. After six month we will follow below process to give you returns over your investment.

1. Revenue Program

This program is for only applicable if you are investing 50% or more than 50% of total investment amount (At least $25,000 USD). For 50% investment we will share 5% of our total revenue per month, If you are investing 100% then percentage will be 10%.

For example, if you are investing 100% of our total targeted amount then we will share 10% our revenue per month. If our revenue is $1,000.00 USD then we will pay you $100.00 USD per month.

Revenue program is for lifetime, mean we will pay you percentage of our revenue for lifetime.

Note : In revenu program we will not accept more than 2 person and share percentage will be according to investment amount. Minimum investment 50% mean $25,000.00 USD or more.

2. Double Up Program

With double up program we will make agreement to pay you double amount of total investment (Not less than $5,000.00 USD) in 5 years. For example, if you are investing $5,000.00 USD then we will not pay you for six month, after sixth month we will start to pay you installment till 60 months.

Detail Example  of Earning with Double Up Program

Details are as below for $5,000.00 USD.

Invested Amount : $5,000.00 USD.

Investment Date to Next 6 Months : $0.00 USD.

From 7th Month : $167.00 USD Per Month. (For 60 Months)

Installment Duration : 60 Months

Total Amount you will get in 60 Months : $10,020.00 USD

Note : If you have any other program or plan for investment then please let us know, we will consider on your offer. We are repeating again that we are not accepting any big investment like 1+ million. We need and offer small investment only in our firm. 

Additional Benefits for Investment Partners of RS SEO Solution

If you are investing in our firm and managing any online business then we will give you our 4 months Complete SEO Services and Promotion services for free. This offer is applicable if you are managing your brand / business online or plan do do any types of business online. We are able to promote any types of websites or businesses online.

If you have any questions then please feel free to contact us or can contact us directly at support@rsseosolution.com.