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How to do manual directory submission?

How to do manual directory submission?

​​Manual directory submission is the process of manually submitting your website to web directories. Web directories help us to get lots of backlinks for a very low budget. Yes, because either you can do it yourself or can buy manual directory submissions by spending a few cents per submission like SEO Manual Submission is giving directory submission service for 17 cent for each manual directory submission. All web directories will be from different IP addresses and so you will get backlinks from different IPs which will help you to boost websites' DA, PA and branding online.

Here are the steps to follow​ for manual directory submission​:

  1. Research compile list of relevant directories to which you would like to submit your website. You can search on Google for SEO friendly web directories list. SEO Manual Submission is managing SEO friendly web directories list, So, you can use these web directories from the list to submit your site details.
  2. Create a list of information that you will need to submit, such a your website's title, description, and URL. We will recommend to create at least 5 titles and 5 descriptions according to your keywords because titles and descriptions variation will help you more to get quality backlinks which will boost site ranking for different targeted keywords.
  3. Generally web directories manage different types of categories and subcategories. Choose relevant categories always to get a good approval rate from web directories. For example if your site is related to digital marketing then, find related main categories like “Internet” or “WWW” or “Marketing” and then choose related sub categories like “Search Engine” or “SEO” or “Digital Marketing”.
  4. Visit each directory's submission page and fill out the form with the required information. You will find there multiple options like free, reciprocal, featured etc.. Choose the option according to your need and budget because featured or other paid options will redirect you to the payment page. Free option generally takes time to approve.
  5. Submit the form and wait for the directory to review and approve your submission. Most web directories will send you a confirmation email after submitting details. So don’t miss those emails and confirm submission ASAP to get approval because if you will not confirm your email, the web directories owner can consider you as a bot and details can be deleted from his database.
  6. Repeat the process for each directory on your list.

It's important to note that not all directories will approve your submission, and that some directories may charge a fee for inclusion. Also, make sure to submit your website only to high-quality directories with good reputation, as submitting to low-quality directories can actually harm your website's search engine rankings.

How to Check Web Directories Quality Score?

It's very simple. After open web directories you can check DA, PA, domain age and spam score easily online. I will recommend you to use the Moz toolbar to check these all scores. If spam scores are low means quality is managing good quality and you can use those sites for manual directory submission.

Note one thing: there are big differences between web directories and link farm websites. If any web directories are accepting all types of links like casino, pharmacy etc. In this category then avoid these types of sites because backlinks from link farms will hurt your website ranking.

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