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What is Google Penguin & Panda Update?

What is Google Penguin & Panda Update Actually?

Before Google Penguin, Google released a series of algorithm updates that is called Google Panda. Google Panda first appeared in February 2011. Panda aimed at down ranking websites that provided poor user experience. To identify such websites, a machine-learning algorithm by “Navneet Panda” was used. Panda name comes from the name of Navneet Panda. The algorithm follows the logic by which Google’s human quality raters determine a website’s quality.

The Panda update is more of a content related update, targeting sites with duplicate content and targeting spammers who scrape content. The first Panda update was over a year ago and Google has been releasing periodic updates. The Penguin update algorithm appear to target may different factors, including low quality links.

If you are new to SEO then you might be surprised hearing these words. Google Panda and Penguin are Google Algorithms. These algorithms are introduced to control low quality content and reward blogs with high quality content thereby decreasing the web spam. 

Google penguin update makes our web services better mean after penguin updated you can achieve great results.  In most cases where Google forces a change to its search algorithm, the changes are simply noticeable and tend to affect less than 1 percent of overall search results. Granted, however, that Google’s index tends to border around 40 or 50 billion Web pages, even minor changes will shift landscapes entirely. Penguin was a group of updates focused on combating ‘web spam’. The official line from Google in the notification was “a decrease in rankings for sites that we believe is violating Google existing quality guidelines”. The key point here is Google’s mention of their ‘quality guidelines’. 

Many businesses have confusion about the difference between Google Penguin and Google Panda updates. Let’s understand both the updates and differences between them so that you can modify your existing web strategy. 

Google Panda updates have an aim to reduce the rankings of those sites that doesn’t add value to the user knowledge, contains low-quality or copied content and improper advertisement and content ratio. The main intention was to put a stop on the content scrapers who were expert in republishing other author’s content in their own way with their name. 

On the other hand, Google Penguin update emphasizes on web spamming. This update is affecting all those sites that are not complying with the guidelines set by the Google. The sites that are focusing that have irrelevant outgoing links that are hit by penguin update.

The strategic goal that Panda, Penguin, and page layout update share is to display higher quality websites at the top of Google’s search results. However, sites that were down ranked as the result of these updates have different sets of characteristics. The main target of Google Penguin is overstuffing.

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Comment by RS Seo Solution

After google penguin and pada update we feel very happy because before update there were multiple fake seo experts and seo companies accounts existing, but after update all are going away. After panda update because now need to manage quality works and so only experts who have actually knowledge of SEO link building and digital marketing are existing.

Thanks to Google for these update to filter digital marketing market.

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