Importance and Benefits of Guest Posting or Guest Blogging

Importance and Benefits of Guest Posting or Guest Blogging


If your post or content is unique and smart, no one can stop to increase the rank positioning of your website. Your “Smart & Unique” content is the best marketing and SEO tool as it can be easily noticeable by all search engines. By guest blogging we share informative contents with backlinks to our website. We all know that ‘Content is King’ so your content, your words, your content’s uniqueness and white hat in-content backlink help to increase the rank positioning of your website.

In-contents links are very important than other and by guest posting or manual blog outreach, you have chance to add high quality, informative contents to websites who are managing high reputation, domain rating and organic traffics. So links from these types of website help always to get very good position online.

What is Guest Posting and Manual Blog Outreach?

Guest Posting is also known as Guest Blogging. They both are the same word. It is a marketing and SEO technique to increase the website’s ranking and credibility. Guest posting is one of a strategy in digital marketing of posting your blog content on websites other than your own. In other words, Guest posting is a practice of contributing a post to another person's blog in order to build relationships, exposure, authority, and links. This practice is helpful in increase your website’s ranking and credibility so that you can achieve your business goals.

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We search for related and reputed blogs who are accepting unique and informative contents and so it’s also known as manual blog outreach. It’s a bit time taking work but very effective to get desired position in search engines and drive organic traffics to website.

1. Benefits of Guest Posting or Guest Blogging

Guest posting is important for a couple of key reasons as it offers a number of benefits for any business. Guest posting provides a two-way benefit to both; guest blogger and website hosting. Guest posting establishes a relationship with the blogger hosting your post. Here are some points to understand the benefits of Guest posting.

1.1 Establishes Your Online Authority and Presence

Guest posting greatly helps to establish your online authority and presence. It is an extremely valuable tool for reputation marketing and building community in your field. Write a useful content and publish it on a good and authoritative website where your niche audience is available. It will be a significant step towards building your online authority and presence.

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1.2 Increase Social Media Exposure

As we already know the power of Social Media. Guest posting not only helps you earn better backlinks but also helps improve your brand’s social media presence. If your guest blog is useful and good then most probably it may be shared across the host blogger’s social media channels and email lists and you may get comments and likes. These things are noticed by Google. It shows the popularity of your blog and it also shows that how you engaged people with your content. With most of your blog shared by your follower, you may generate good SEO value for yourself.

1.3 Build your Backlink Profile

Backlink is an important part of digital marketing. With the help of backlinks, you can gain your business more visibility. There are many Guest posting website who allows their contributors to leave at least one link to their own site. It is one of a step to unlocking doors to sustainable search engine success. These backlinks should look natural, not forced, and are relevant to your business’ products, solutions, or services.

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1.4 Building Brand Awareness

If you are able to connect your audience with your content, you can build your company or personal brand value. It also establishes yourself as a thought-leader because people will relate and take your work on high authority whenever they want information related to that niche. This way you can grow your brand value, your website's visibility, and authority.

1.5 New Audience Targeting

Guest posting allows you to target brand new audiences who could be interested in your products and services. This practice may open the doors for new sales from users who may not have found you before.

2. Key Points About Guest Posting

  • Guest Posts MUST Be Well-Written
  • Guest Posts Should Always Stay on Topic
  • Guest Posts Must Be Shareable
  • Guest Posts Must Contain Thoughtful Outbound Links

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