Article Marketing and Automatic Article Submission Services

Article Marketing and Automatic Article Submission Services


Some online article marketers use Automatic Article Submission Services to post authors' articles to many online article submission sites. Does this make sense? Well yes and no. Yes because it allows the author to concentrate on creating rather than posting at many sites and NO, because if the online article marketer simply will find one really good online article submission site and then post their for free then those articles will go out RSS or Real Simple Syndication around the Internet.

Many Article Marketing and Automatic Article Submission Services have lessened their integrity, by not screening the articles, which are sent out and posted. With that said I wonder if the automated services are leaning towards a degraded skew, as these mass forum posters charge $.35 each and the services posting articles are as high as $3-4 each as I have seen. Big gap and low cost bidder will see more business, but the worst articles and manipulators ruining article sites who do not screen articles and authors.

Currently, I am the all time leading article author on the Internet with over 8500 articles and I DO NOT USE Article Marketing and Automatic Article Submission Services, but rather have chosen the top online article submission site with massive internet informational contacts and my target traffic is thru the roof and think how much money I have saved in doing it my way? Consider all this in 2006.

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