Manual Directory Submission or Auto Directory Submission

Manual Directory Submission or Auto Directory Submission


Avoid Always Auto Submission Service And Choose Manual Directory Submission

Choose Manual Submission & Avoid Automated Submission

Choose manual directory submission services and avoid automated submission services because automated submission can hurt your site ranking. Most of popular web directories change his submission rules and guidelines time to time due to lots of competitor and search engine current algorithms. Actually no one can know exactly that what search engine algorithms but one thing is common that regular updates are very friendly for search engines. And thats why web directories changes his formate and submission rules and guidelines regularly, if you choose automated submission then service provider will submit your site by automatic process and due to this they can avoid lots of directories rules and guidelines and he cant know about this because he did not seen directories submission form and conditions of submissions.

As an example you can think about our site that my site is related to link building, website promotion or link submissions and we choose automated submissions way for link building. Let two days before before we save a url for automated submission and url is pointing SEO categories because there are no other categories related to our site, we also know that you have to submit your site link to most appropriate category then if there are no link building or other relevant categories then we can submit our link to SEO too, but if yesterday administrator of directories put link building category under SEO, then automated submission provider how can know about this without check them manually and he will submit our link to SEO categories and directory editor can reject our site because our site is related to link building and category is already in the directory.

So, you should chose manual directory submission services because for manual submission services you must need at least a submission expert who know better about directory behavior and submission rules and guidelines. Your site will submit to directories manually and that why no one changing is hidden from submitter and he will take action according to your requirement, because some directories are free for one week and then paid for a week, may be some time they need reciprocal links for free submission but in these types of conditions submitter will make a full reports that why your link couldn't submitted to particular directory and this report will help you to forward or submitter can also submit your link to directories after make some changes with your details, if possible.

Submission experts will make changes to some common conditions link if directories are looking for long description or small description than your length, your user names and passwords are not unique for that directories and these are must for submission but they also write all things in reports which is send to you after complete your directory submission work.

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