Relation Between Manual Directory Submission & Link Popularity

Relation Between Manual Directory Submission & Link Popularity

Is directory submission must for link popularity? nowadays its a big question because some people says that manual directory submission is not must for link popularity and some peoples opinions are in favor of directory submission to become popular, but what is truth, do you know? Actually link popularity completely depend of quality backlinks and quality backlinks depend on your submission optimization and on contents of your site.

Due to lots of marketing competition all persons who are related to internet business wants to promote his site as soon as possible but a little amount or persons become success and remaining all are failure, only due to his concentration. I am explaining this point in details below.

If you are managing a site for online business then you would want to become a success full marketer as soon as possible, and if you know about SEO and some more basics related to link popularity and submission rules and guidelines, then you can achieve your aim but if you are a beginner and work online only because some one told you that its very profitable and simple way to setup your big online marketplace, Now what will you do? because you dont know more about value of title, value of description and value of your site contents so you would try to put any related contents in any series (without seo view) and launch them, after some day may be some peoples will say you for link building for your site, and you start it from directory submission after some idea from online or from someone, I want to say you only one things that if your site is not optimized perfectly then please dont wast your time for Link building because link building is not possible without site optimization and if you want to continue then you are wasting your time only because forward nothing to get.

So, if you want to get quality backlinks and quality traffics forever then you have to follow below rules:

  • Optimize your site perfectly.
  • Use your primary keywords with Title, use h1 tag with your Primary keywords at beginning of Site contents and then h2 for secondary keywords h3 for your keywords phrases.
  • Avoid keywords stuffing (repeating of keywords) means insert your keywords per paragraph one or hardly two times with your keywords phrases, if you will repeat your keywords regular then search engine can ban your site.
  • Must use contact us, about us and site map if possible with your site.
  • Try to write your body contents by natural way and use keywords also with natural ways, because if your body contents are unique then search engine will give you more response than related site.
  • Use RSS to update your site regular or you can also use news, means you have to concentrate on your site update because if your site would update daily then search engine will view your site as expensive site, and you have more chances to go upside in search engine list.
  • After Complete your site optimization now give time to submission optimization.
  • Try to follow professional rules of directory or article submission or you can follow yourself if you know a bit about directories behavior.
  • Try to put your main keywords and keywords phrase in submission titles.
  • Try to Avoid stop words from titles.
  • Arrange your descriptions according to your site contents along with your keywords so that user can easily understand that what is your site categories and is it suitable for me or not.
  • Try to list SEO-friendly directories because these types of directory do not use "nofollow" tag for your site or use any online professional directories list.
  • Choose as possible as related category because its beneficial for your site because if you get backlinks from related categories then links will count as quality backlinks.
  • Save directories url where you submitted your site to check time to time and to avoid duplicate submission because some directories will banned your IP and delet your all related records from database if you submit two times same links.
  • You are a good content writer then try to put some article to some famous article directories like ezinearticles.

Follow above rules to get quality one way links for your site.

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