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In the last decade, hailstorms caused insured damage attuned to over $3 billion in state of Colorado alone. It is no exaggeration that half of the insurance premium of homeowners there would go towards hailstorm damage costs. Denver is particularly hail prone area and insurance industry recommends comprehensive insurance to cover hail and wind damages.

What to do after a hailstorm strikes?

Hailstorms are known to cause substantial damage to your property, including house, vehicles and gardens. But when a hailstorm strikes in a zest to protect your property from being damaged by hailstorm do not go out. However, once calm prevails assess the property damage:

  • Check your garden including trees and plants around your house. Check if the stripped branches and foliage fell on your roof and if it were damaged

  • Besides checking for roof damage check if the patio covers, roof vents are dented by the impact

  • Check if your car/truck had any dents from the impact and check for broken windshield and cracked glass

How to protect your property from further damage

When you stay in a hailstorm prone place like Denver, you could do nothing than protecting your property from more damage. If you have found any signs of hailstorm battering your property, such as home or vehicle take steps so that it’s protected from further damage. Repair the broken windows and dents on the roof vents and plug the holes in the roof making it leak proof.

Clean up the car interior off the strewn glass pieces to protect upholstery from getting torn and cover broken glass in the car and clean the mats off the wreckage.

The moment you see the first sign of having your roof repaired, you shouldn’t dillydally more but call a Denver roof repair company for an estimate how much it would cost to have the roof repaired with hail resistant roofing materials.

Selecting the affordable Denver roof repair company is not child play but you can be wary of the Start Ups who move to Denver following a hail strike. They are there to make money out of your misery. Check if the Denver roof repair company is a member of BBB or not. Also ensure if the company partners with quality roofing material brands that supply hail resistive roofing materials. If you are to remodel your home and/or make repairs to damaged roof and property, then a Denver roofing contractor that offers custom restoration services including repair of roof, siding, gutters, painting with quality guarantee service should be the one you should pick.

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If you have witnessed hailstorm in Denver, roof repair specialists is what you would be searching for. You need to contact a reliable Denver roofing contractor and experienced roofing company to do the job for you at affordable price. The Monarch Roofing and Construction will be able to give you a free estimate on the approximate cost for hailstorm roof repair to make sure that it resists another hailstorm. Check the website to learn more about hailstorm resistive roof repairs the company offers: http://www.denverroofingco.com

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