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Teen Driving Laws in New Hampshire and Motor Vehicle Accidents

Teen Driving Laws in New Hampshire and Motor Vehicle Accidents

According to the teen driving laws in the state of NH teen drivers may start learning driving in any other non commercial vehicle after attaining age of 15 and half. The teen driver should be accompanied by adult driver aged 25 plus in the front seat and must have a valid driving license. The young teen driver must always carry an identification, which has proof of his/her age.

Once the young driver reaches age of 16 he/she may qualify for NH DL; however the driver should apply for the license. The qualification means young drivers in the age group of 16-21 will get Youth Operator License which would however expire once the applicant crosses age 21. Should the applicant be in the age group of 16 or 17, they need to pass the state approved driver education course, must pass vision test as well as a written exam and a road test for driving. Drivers below 18 years of age have to garner 40 hours of driving practice under supervision, which includes 10 hours of night driving practice. The driving log should document all the needed details and submit application along with the following documents:

  • Licensing Certificate

  • Driver’s Log

  • Authorization certificate signed by parent or legal guardian

  • Birth Certificate

  • Certificate to prove identification

  • SSN

  • Driver license fees in the form of check or cash or money order

Young teens having youth operator license and who are below 18 years of age have following restrictions:

  • Prohibited to drive in the hours of 1:00 AM through 5:00 AM

  • Cannot drive with passengers (not immediate family members) who are aged below 25 as long as they are not accompanied by an adult driver aged 25 and over holding valid driver license

  • Not allowed to drive a vehicle with passengers more in number than the safety belts in the vehicle

New Hampshire State is one of two state that doesn’t have mandatory insurance law. It implies one can drive without having the vehicle insured as well. If you; however, met with an accident chances are that you maybe held responsible for the damages to others property as well as conjuring medical bills if you injured another party. And the financial responsibility law of the state mandates a person’s driver license be suspended by DMV until a mutually agreeable settlement has been reached.

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