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Press Release for Süvari Kepenk

Press Release for Süvari Kepenk

Süvari Automatic Door & Shutter (Kepenk) Systems explains the savings that come with implementing traffic barrier system in an establishment


While to have a security personal hired can be a good investment for your establishment. After all, you need to have peace of mind and you can’t leave your place to the mercy of God. However, installing automatic traffic barrier will elude the cost you pay to the security personnel every month besides offering benefit over many years.

Body of the release:

Having automatic traffic barrier instead of a person makes a lot of sense and makes it economical,” says manager of product development of Süvari Automatic Door & Shutter (Kepenk) Systems.

The manager shares, "to have a security personal hired in place of an automatic traffic barrier costs an establishment so much. It should be remembered that it is going to be a recurring expenditure. While having an automatic traffic barrier installed is a one time investment but offering benefit over several years.”

He adds, “Traffic barrier is one major accessory but given least importance during planning and until the organization or the establishments meets a calamity its necessity is not recognized.

Hiring a person to manage and streamline the traffic inside an establishment incurs huge expenditure on part of the organization. Notwithstanding the human errors- a security person is inevitably bound to make errors for reasons including vision problems, exhaustion, ill health or even carelessness. A small human error can many times lead to serious and irreparable accidents.

Think wisely and invest in the installation of automatic traffic barrier system which costs you one time but serves you free of cost for years together. The automatic door or traffic barrier system will seldom result in errors or mistakes. To have an automatic traffic barrier system in an apartment cluster or a school will always make parents feel at peace as children will be confined within safe limits.

To have a traffic barrier in an office or an establishment will make insiders feel much safer, as no strangers’ cars or vehicles can come inside the premises without prior permission.”

The product development manager additionally says, “Traffic barriers efficient security at points including exit and entry points of factories, condominiums, office complexes, parking lots, even toll plazas that receive medium-to-heavy vehicular traffic. The traffic barriers per se looks modern and simple yet offer heavy and uncompromising operation. Barriers with speed and electronic braking technology offer very good safety. Speed programmable barriers are today’s technology and they are wonderful innovation that could be used according to frequency of the traffic.

The barriers come in the makes of aluminum, stainless steel or wood. The stainless steel traffic barrier and the hardwood barrier look prettier as compared to an aluminum one but aluminum barrier will be the most affordable one.

Additionally traffic barrier also saves money with the insurance companies - a discount in premium for giving added protection to the establishment. It makes a lot of sense to implement traffic barrier system and preventing expensive accidents and eventual property damage.”

For more information on traffic barrier systems, automatic Shutter (Kepenk) and Shutter (Kepenk) systems, garage doors, sliding glass doors, circular doors, auto grill and sliding garden doors, visit the Süvari Automatic Door & Shutter (Kepenk) Systems website at http://www.suvarikepenk.com.tr/


About Süvari Automatic Door & Shutter (Kepenk) Systems

The Süvari Automatic Door & Shutter (Kepenk) Systems has been offering customized door making services across Turkey and is a leading maker of residential Shutter (Kepenk) and door systems and preferred maker and supplier in the commercial and industrial door market since 1996. The company has been bringing in experience and innovation to door industry and striving to make the safest door and Shutter (Kepenk) systems. They can be contacted from the contact form given in the website or from their telephone numbers 0212 671 08 09 and 0212 671 08 10.

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