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Top 10 Ideas for Best Link Building In 2023

Top 10 Ideas for Best Link Building Services In 2023

Backlinks are important for search engine optimization. No doubt, if you want to move the needle seriously when it comes to improving rankings, you should incorporate the strategies of link building in your plan.

The backlinks are just like internet currency. The more links your website gets from a higher domain authority website, the better are your ranking chances. Moreover, the SEO professionals also say that 75% of search engine optimization is link building and 25% are only on-page factors.

The top 10 tactics for best link building in the year 2020 for adding in your marketing plan includes,

1. Guest posting

Guest blogging is the general form of building links these days. This whole concept is easy and is easier enough to figure out which websites can be approached. For this you need,

  • Prospecting

  • Qualifying the prospects

  • Reaching out to the prospects

2. Existing contacts or networks

If your company or you are a part of any local association, industry or organization then these areas can also be a good link source. Your product suppliers can have a suitable page of “useful link” as for organizations or associations where you are a part.

3. Link reclamation

It is good for large brands. This helps in pulling up the instance of getting mentioned on the internet and helps in getting results from your website.

4. Technique of Skyscraper

One can create good content by adding the right images, increasing the word count, better links, expert quotes, infographics and more.

5. Resource page links

Different websites have “Useful links” or “Useful resources” type pages. If you can get some of these in your related niches or industry, then this can be streamlined well to build links.

6. Link Bait content

Linkbait is something where you have to get creative with your content strategies. Here you have to create content that is created for attracting or for building links as well. When it is perfectly executed, the content of link bait can viral.

7. Follow trends & recent views

You must pick up the latest topics and create ideas that can relate your niche with the same topic. It is because the Google trends act as a good market for knowing ‘what’s hot’ in there and as well as on social media.

Here you need to think less like a search engine optimization and more like a PR.

8. Research of competitors

This can be helpful if you have a great competitor that has been working on building links for quite a long time.

9. University scholarship

A though to get links from colleges and universities can be attractive as the high authority domains that are with strong linking equity. This one technique involves, creation of a scholarship page for college or university students.

Describing how a student can apply for it and why it exists even.

10. Round-ups by experts

You must have seen various updates like 10 experts sharing their thoughts on “XYZ”. This is known as the round-up by experts and is one of the best ways to attract links, traffic, and engagement.

By doing further research you can also find more tactics for advanced linking that can best assist you in crushing your SEO competition in the year 2020 and in the future too. This way it can help in improving rankings and can lead your website on top.

Source : Top 10 Ideas for Best Link Building In 2020

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