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How CCTV Helping in Reducing Crime in the UK

How CCTV Helping in Reducing Crime in the UK?

Crime prevention and reduction is a top priority of every society. In recent years we have noticed also that crime is increasing day by day; anyone can be a victim of crime anytime anywhere. Knowing this fear and responsibility, every society and the government of all nations around the world are taking some initiatives to prevent crimes. CCTV (Closed-Circuit Television) is one of them that recently emerged as a popular crime prevention measure worldwide.

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CCTV is a surveillance technique that utilizes video cameras in a particular area to prevent crime. Earlier CCTV was used in private spaces such as banks, shopping centers, private parking, etc. and now it has increasingly been used in public places like parks, bus stands, railway stations, airports, roads, streets, and almost everywhere to prevent crime and improve safety. CCTV cameras are linked to a control room which is equipped with video monitors where a designated person can monitor. The UK (United Kingdom) has also installed CCTV in all their cities to discourage criminals. A few years back, the number of CCTV cameras was estimated 4 million and now The British Security Industry Association (BSIA) estimates that this number has jumped to 6 million in both private and public. Today, the UK is one of the largest totals of CCTV cameras in the world, and London is called the CCTV capital of the world. According to The British Security Industry Association (BSIA), there is 1 CCTV Camera for every 13 people and 93 to 96 percent of the total number of cameras in the UK are operated by private businesses and homeowners. Based on UK data, most researches and studies find that CCTV camera reduces crime that is almost 93 percent. There are approximately 691,000 CCTV cameras in London and the average Londoner is caught on CCTV 300 times a day.

Here we will understand to know how CCTV helping in reducing crime in the UK.

Crime Deterrent: - It is human nature that they do crime alone; alone means where no one can see their illegal activity but the sight of a CCTV camera can act as an eye. A survey report says that criminal targets those houses and businesses where there is no CCTV. One of a survey reports states that lots in the United Kingdom, theft & general crimes in the casinos and parking area, over 52% of crime has been reduced just because of CCTV.

Evidence of Crime: - As we know that CCTV cameras act as an eye, which means CCTV systems can store real-time footage. You can see the incident and can also provide these videos to Police as evidence. The police can identify criminals and can quickly solve the case. A research found that CCTV has decreased approximately 51% of vehicle crime (including theft of and from vehicles) in the UK. It leads to a large and significant crime reduction in parking areas.

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Eliminate Fraudulent Insurance Claims: - It is noticed that some people claim Fraudulent Insurance after a burglary or vandalism or theft in the UK but CCTV footage acting as evidence; visual and auditory. So CCTV cameras eliminate fraudulent insurance claims not only in the UK but all over the world.

Build Confidence: - The UK is one of the most attractive tourist destinations. Every year, thousands of tourists come and visit many places in the UK. Having CCTV in public places makes people feel safe that builds confidence and discourage criminals. It is human psychology that they do not do anything stupid if there is CCTV.

Reduced Retail Theft: - Retail theft is very common everywhere. The UK is also one of them. It is estimated according to a retail study that many small businesses lose close to $50k in a year due to such retail theft. It also stated that more than 275 million reports of theft in business worldwide every year. By installing CCTV, the number of retail theft has been reduced remarkably especially in the UK.

Put a Stop to Sexual Harassment in the Work Place: - Sexual harassment in the workplace is a major issue and concern around the world. To fight and prevent this issue, CCTV plays an important role. By placing CCTV cameras, not only employees but also employers and visitors feel safe in the workplace. Till a few years back, the numbers of sexual harassment cases were high but now it is reduced down due to CCTV in the UK. CCTV technology supports law enforcement and protects society also.


We know that only CCTV systems cannot stop crime but we also know that Police too also can’t stop crime but CCTV can play an important role. All the researches and studies stated that due to CCTV only, crime has been reducing down in the UK. Commissioner of Metropolitan Police, Bernard Hogan Howe is on record (The Telegraph) suggesting that everyone and every property could benefit from CCTV. The UK’s Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) offers also advises that crime can reduce due to the feeling of security among the people that eradicates fear thus CCTVs yield more results that are positive.

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