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Muay Thai Blog to Inform Everything About Muay Thai At One Place

Muay Thai Blog to Inform Everything About Muay Thai At One Place

Doing the same thing over and over makes it quite boring for some. Shall we beg to differ about the statement when it comes to doing martial arts? Because these can be compared to art form like playing music on an instrument or say singing. The more a person playing or singing the more is the chance of achieving ecstasy. Attaining ecstasy is like addiction the more you experience that more you’d want it. The MMA forms have found to render similar impact on the practitioners and enthusiasts.

Often times, MMA exponents wondered about mastering one form say for instance Muay Thai or Jiu Jitsu or Kick Boxing or Judo or to arrive at a different form by combining techniques in some of the forms. While the debate as to yays and nays continue, there is little doubt that Muay Thai is inching to become the most popular form of fighting in the United States and the trends show that number of people liking it and/or started to learn it are increasing every year.

Muay Thai boxing has its roots firmed in Thailand and although Muay Thai is being used all over the world. The art form was mostly taught to the Thai military recruits and the techniques of breaking bones are being taught to Thai military as also the American Navy SEALs. Even the CIA cops are being taught the Muay Thai.

Unlike belts and grades used in other fight forms to discriminate the low skilled to the highly skilled fighters there is no such grading system in the Muay Thai. However, the skills of a Muay Thai practitioner are directly tested inside the Muay Thai Boxing ring and it can be fatal if a fighter is not confident about his/her Muay Thai techniques. The prospect will be taught powerful strikes including monstrous kicks that can break bones to jarring elbow and knee striking techniques. The Muay Thai is hardly to do with grappling and that makes the fight extremely interesting. The Muay Thai boxing prospect will be trained such that the opponent is brought down in single strike, resulting in breaking of bones and in extreme cases even knocking them off with one lethal strike.

It is for the same reason that this powerful martial art form has been developed and shaped in the ancient times in the war fields. In the war fields there always would be many attackers, and the Muay Thai technique of striking enables to induce confidence where in opponent would be killed in one strike or punch as quickly as possible. No wonder the Thai Military or the US Navy SEALs embraced the art form. The very popular UFC goes for a championship title run every year in different weight divisions to pick the best fighter regardless of the MMA form the fighter embraces.

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Whether it is self-defense or self-confidence, discipline or focus, shape or fitness Muay Thai offers all. What better way to keep self informed about the art than a Muay Thai blog dedicated for it? The Muay Thai blog at http://muaythai.tblog.com offers one for every enthusiast and is a site dedicated solely to the Muay Thai sport. Do enjoy your surf time at the website, and if you should have some suggestions that you believe can help us meet our goals of making this as a center for people interested in the Muay Thai sport then feel free to let us know, thanks once more.

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