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How High DA PA Backlinks Help In Website Promotion

How High DA PA Backlinks Help In Website Promotion

When you think about SEO, you are bound to stumble upon the term DA and PA in link building. In fact, link building is the most effective strategy that has been used by expert SEO professionals to help promote web sites.

Before you find out how these two things direct the success of your website, you must understand these terms and how they help you in getting a better search engine rank.

What are PA and DA?

PA (page authority) is an algorithm designed by Larry Page of Google to determine the authority and quality of certain page depending upon the quality and number of links that are pointed to it.

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On the flip side, DA (Domain authority) is designed and crafted by MOZ to determine the quality and stance of the whole domain. That means PA only measures the capability of one page wherein DA measures the complete strength of the domain.

DA strategy to get better results:

Since domain authority is a thing that demands time, you cannot get a better DA score overnight. You have to invest time in doing some serious link building activities but here are the things that might help you in getting better DA score.

  • You have to have a lot of high-quality and relevant content on your site along with a well defined internal linking structure

  • You should get enough internal links that are high quality both from link relevancy and external source authority standpoints. These links can be directed to any page

  • Always stay alert and take off all the bad links from your site

DA gives you elasticity in terms of when, where and how you create links and contents on your website and it also has other good effects on our site too. But it might take a while for you to see any result.

PA strategy:

Here are a few things that you should o in order to get the better PA score for your web pages so that you can get a good search engine ranking.

  • Since PA works for certain pages, you first need to create pages on the high-authority domain

  • The content of the given page that is subject to PA SEO should have high-quality content that are relevant and detailed

  • The page must be SEO optimized and functional

  • You can also use to and fro internal linking from the page

Which is a good option?

As mentioned earlier PA refers to page authority, you should choose this only when you have a certain page to promote or certain content on certain pages need to be promoted.

DA is a long term investment but it can give your overall page that boosts you need for better page ranking. However, no one can say which is better because each of these two things has their own implication, applications, and advantages,

Hence, you should be strategic in the way you approach link building. It is advisable that you seek expert's help when it comes to link building because it is highly technical. You should never try to carry out the job on your own unless you are an expert.

You might find a lot of tricks and tips on the web and the internet but it is always wise to let these things handled by the experts.

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