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Press Release - Cavalry Automatic Door & Shutter Systems

Press Release - Cavalry Automatic Door & Shutter Systems

Cavalry Automatic Door & Shutter Systems give important advice during holiday season


While holiday season can be inviting it can also be one of the most dangerous times of year, especially if you are planning to go off your place, because these are the times when your property is vulnerable to thefts. If you should leave your home unprotected it becomes more vulnerable than you know. "Automatic shutter and automatic garage doors made of aluminum series, or stainless steel or galvanized series with safety photo-cell as well as custom made security system can give your house increased protection against thefts," says manager of product development Cavalry Automatic Door & Shutter Systems.

Body of the release:

Each one of us wait for the holiday season and leaving the home and property poorly protected make them vulnerable to thefts. Unless there is tested thief resistant doors installed thieves can break into houses and establishments and loot away with the mall,” says manager of product development of Cavalry Automatic Door & Shutter Systems.

He further shares "Homeowners with primitive door systems do not know that they pose a threat. A reinforced automatic door is small investment they can make to minimize huge property damage and/or loss. And, in case your door has witnessed a theft, it definitely needs an inspection and change of structure for the latent damage and/or vulnerabilities."

The manager offers few tips on what one can look for while selecting automatic shutter or automatic garage door:

“Ensure that the automatic garage door is made of standard gauge aluminum sheets offering thief resistance.

Ask for periodic on-site inspection of your doors by a professional garage door technician.

Know about your doors and shutter, even if you did not buy them. In case you have moved into the house recently and have not purchased the existing automatic shutter to your garage have a professional come and inspect it and assess the safe worthiness of your automatic doors installed in your home.

Have a professional inspect the doors and ensure that they are the appropriate models recommended in your area.

Do not be under the belief that as long as the garage is locked it is theft proof. You will have peace of mind only when the automatic garage door is that hardware with additional encrypted panels that gives extra security to the establishment.

Ensure that the automatic shutter doors are made of aluminum or galvanized or stainless steel profiles that are 75, 80, 110 and 120 mm widths. Because most door makers offer widths of profiles below 75 mm which cannot resist strong impact and for that matter that of thieves.”

He adds, “Thief and impact resistant doors doesn't necessarily mean you have to muscle up the door and garage area. You can have standard house and garage doors and shutters in style too. You can even opt for colors wherein the extrusion profiles for the shutters especially can be the desired in colors including gray, metallic gray, wood, dark wood, white, etc.”

For more information on automatic shutter and shutter systems, garage doors, sliding glass doors, circular doors, auto grill, traffic barriers, and sliding garden doors, visit the Cavalry Automatic Door & Shutter Systems website at http://www.suvarikepenk.com.tr/

About Cavalry Automatic Door & Shutter Systems

The Cavalry Automatic Door & Shutter Systems has been offering customized door making services across Turkey and is a leading maker of residential shutter and door systems and preferred maker and supplier in the commercial and industrial door market since 1996. The company has been bringing in experience and innovation to door industry and striving to make the safest door and shutter systems. They can be contacted from the contact form given in the website or from their telephone numbers 0212 671 08 09 and 0212 671 08 10.

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