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Press Release For New Hampshire Personal Injury Lawyer

Press Release For New Hampshire Personal Injury Lawyer

Press Release Title : New Hampshire personal injury lawyer urges people to know difference between limited tort insurance and full tort insurance

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New Hampshire personal injury attorney urges people to know difference between limited tort insurance and full tort insurance.

Body of the release:

The New Hampshire personal injury attorney of Liberty Legal Services urges people to know about the insurance coverage they hold and discusses difference between limited tort insurance and full tort insurance. Auto insurers in the state of NH provide consumers limited as well as full tort insurance coverages. It is needless to say that the limited tort insurance comes as a cheaper buy between the two so this attracts more consumers. But is what you save from this is really worth or not is important thing to know.

The limited tort insurance policy limits types of injuries, and the driver or passengers thereof who may want to ask for compensation in the event of an accident is restricted. For instance majority of the limited tort coverage policies will not pay for the not so serious injuries, but pay for those serious ones that affect a person’s ability to discharge work at home or work. If you are carrying the limited tort coverage there is a risk of suffering an injury - not serious enough to recover damage but serious enough warranting either expensive medical treatment or leave you disabled for some time period. This is not what you wanted to save in the first place when you bought the policy. The price of suffering injury which isn’t insured by the policy is very high.

Car accidents are top reasons of serious injuries and deaths in the state of New Hampshire, and if you deprive yourself of ability to recover for damages you experience during such events, you would be left in a very difficult financial position. For this reason, it is advised to look at different full tort policies offered in the state of New Hampshire,” says the New Hampshire accident attorney.

Daniel Hynes, a personal injury lawyer in New Hampshire has been representing injured residents for over a decade. “While your health insurance coverage may pay for those medical bills beyond $10k of PIP coverage, however it won’t be covering or paying for the damages incurred in terms of lost wages or mere pain and suffering endured from an accident. I am prepared to help the residents injured in a car accident seeking for the compensation they are rightfully entitled,” adds the car accident lawyer New Hampshire adds before signing off.

The personal injury lawyer NH also figures in the elite ‘Top 40 under 40’ list of attorneys in the US and is committed to continue the practice of personal injury defense. The New Hampshire injury lawyers in his law firm work on a common motto: to provide justice to all those injured by wrongful conduct of others. The personal injury attorney offers a no-obligatory free consultation to everyone and works on a ‘contingent-fee basis’ if the case is accepted. The practice areas of the accident injury attorney NH include defense of car accidents, automobile accidents, and anything related to personal injury litigation in NH. Clients can call the legal office at 603 583-4444 or even mail the attorney. To know more about the personal injury lawyers visit the website at http://www.nhlibertylawfirm.com/personal-injury.html

About Liberty Legal Services Law Firm:

Liberty Legal Services serves all of New Hampshire with offices in Concord, Hudson, and Portsmouth and also serves Manchester and Nashua. If you need a bankruptcy lawyer, personal injury/car accident attorney, DWI/DUI or criminal attorney you are away from one call.

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