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Boutique Hotels in Manali

Boutique Hotels in Manali - Lot More Than Mere Accommodation

If there is one industry in India that is steadily witnessing an increase then it is tourism. Every year several 10s of thousand foreign travelers are visiting India to explore its beauty and experience the varied culture. Thanks to the tourism sector and hospitality industry Indian Gross National Income is steadily increasing every year.

Talk about trip to Manali which is a small hill station situated amidst snowy mountains of Himalayas and the most beautiful town of Himachal Pradesh, it surely contributes big share to the gross national income of the country.

What is the USP of Manali?

Manali is undoubtedly one of the most sought after travel destinations in India and the stunning hill station seems like it is specially blessed with astonishing climate and nature that is so much loved by tourists from all over the world. The tranquility of the place coupled with superb attractions including adventure sports make this small buzzing town the Switzerland of the India. To be frank, there is no alternative to Manali anywhere in the world. There is one for all and so rightfully you see every kind of visitor taking a trip to the hill station of Himachal Pradesh.

The hospitality industry in India is considered to be one of the bests and hotels are regarded to provide remarkable service and widely acknowledged across the world. The treatment offered at resorts, Manali notwithstanding live to the old adage, Athidhi Devo Bhava. The belief is especially revealed in the Manali resorts and homestays than the so-called top hotels in Manali.

When it comes to staying in boutique hotels in Manali, any good resorts Manali or cottages Manali are so much in demand for the simple reason that luxury and comforts are offered which are otherwise experienced in expensive hotels. What one looks for in a boutique hotel Manali is abundantly-spaced rooms for relaxation, convenience and luxury such as spa, bar, salon, gym and Internet plugged rooms with an affordable tag and of course hospitality at best reflecting the Indian culture.

Boutique hotels in Manali are very popular yet very few of these hotels promise luxury, comfort and hospitality that can be otherwise experienced at expensive and otherwise star hotels. The concept of boutique hotels is new to India while they are very common in the west; yet the concept is gaining momentum in India, thanks to foreign tourists and their demands now even a small town and hill station in Himachal Pradesh has many boutique hotels that have been catering to the comfort and luxury requirements of guests, making the stay in Manali memorable one while not having a dent in their pockets.

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The list of attractions in and around Manali is unending and your holiday experience will be fulfilling and complete in Manali. If you desire to stay in any of the boutique hotels in Manali, then get the best deals offered at thehimalayan. The boutique hotel offers comforts and luxuries that are otherwise a part of expensive resorts Manali package. The arrangements at the Himalayan Resort and Spa boutique hotel are par excellent and raved by tourists across the world. If you have made up your mind to visit Manali think of the affordable boutique hotel here.

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